Re-launch loading! We are now based out of East Africa! What to expect? Our same inventory with additional distribution services of bulk raw goods imported directly from Africa. We will offer seamoss as well, directly from the shores of Zanzibar. Looking to start your own hair and skin care line? Look no further. Consultation, private labeling and more, all live here! Let the countdown begin.

To Bee or Not to Bee Natural, That is the Question?!

Honey B’s All Natural was founded June 20, 2014, by Berakiah L. Boone, the current owner and creator of the all in one, mega product, Honey B’s 100% All Natural Mega Moisture Whip for Hair, Skin and Scalp. The product is taking the country by storm and here is why! Like many sisters of color, she had an ongoing, love-hate relationship with her natural hair texture, after years of mental conditioning that what was God-given and unique in its’ natural state, was to be changed, controlled, relaxed and ultimately damaged in order to be deemed acceptable and pretty. Newly big chopped, and ready to take on the world, for the first time in her 32 years on earth, she decided that she would conduct her own research and educate herself on how to properly care for her hair in its’ natural state. No longer desiring to hide or change who she was created to be, her mission was born.
After much research on the nature and difference in Black hair textures vs European or Caucasian textures, she began to understand what her hair required in order to be healthy and nourished. As one would expect the findings were immense and polar opposite of what she had been taught throughout her entire life. Among the first of many things to go, was store bought hair care products that contained harsh synthetic ingredients such as: parabens, sulfates and mineral oils, to name a few. These items are a direct hindrance to maximum hydration and are the enemy of nourished, moisturized tresses. These were replaced with natural ingredients that addressed the need for protein and most importantly made it possible to allow moisture and natural oils to actually penetrate the hair shaft as opposed to merely sitting on top. Moisture retention for kinky coils is the biggest difference and challenge when compared to other hair textures. Developing a product that speaks specifically to this is half of the battle and critical in ultimately retaining hair length and making the hair is its’ healthiest.
Understanding that hair, skin and scalp are comprised of the same things, she wanted to create one product that would work for all three. If anyone is reading this and is a naturalista, you can attest to the phase of going natural, in which the onslaught of multiple products for multiple uses can become daunting and overwhelming. Once you commit to healthier, happier, natural hair, it only makes sense that the rest of your life will soon follow suit and you begin to question all of the chemicals you use on a day to day basis on your entire body. Trying to replace an entire hair and skin care line by listening to what each brand promises can lead to one becoming, you guessed it, the dreaded product junkie! We’ve all been there. It was at this point, that she was reminded of a method of study that was introduced to her in high school from a biology teacher who coined the acronym KISS--Keep It Simple Students (He actually said “Stupid,” but you get my drift).
Over the course of the next four years, she realized less is more. “It was never my desire to compromise on the health benefits of the raw ingredients, by adding synthetic fillers or preservatives,” says Owner and Founder of Honey B’s All Natural Hair and Skin Care. The ingredients have remained the same for 4 years, while the consistency was perfected during this time, to ultimately produce the product that has all of the benefits of the ingredients in their raw, unrefined state, but glide onto hair, skin and scalp like silk!
“In short, this is proprietary formula, that is equally as effective on hair, skin and scalp was birthed out of love and necessity to properly care for my own. I was realizing heightened self-esteem and awareness and a feeling of confidence that I had never owned prior to developing this product and I wanted to share it with others so they could feel what I felt. Twistouts, braidouts, locs, braids, afros, sponged looks, low cuts, relaxed tresses that still need nourishment, skin that is prone to eczema (ultimately ridded my son of this), is sensitive, normal, etc., all thrive when Honey B’s All Natural becomes a consistent part of a household’s regimen. Knowing that I created something that I believe in and know first-hand that it works, is something too good to keep to myself and family and I will continue to share it with the world. When asked if I want to create other products, I answer and say eventually, but for now, I am riding the wave of being the best at this and won’t stop until Honey B’s 100% All Natural Mega Moisture Whip for Hair, Skin and Scalp becomes a household name and staple.” --Honey B Founder/Owner Honey B’s All Natural

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