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I'm a Survivor

I’m a Survivor

Sixteen years young, a junior in high school, and I had just received the news that my mom had breast cancer. I remember my mom sitting in the dark in the living room and my dad telling me about the phone call they just received. I didn’t know what it meant entirely, but I knew it was something to fear.

As an only child, I developed a closer relationship with my parents than most. They were and are my world. Happy to report that my mom survived cancer twice! I was 16 years old driving my mom back and forth to cancer treatments.  Siteman Cancer Center, at BJC Hospital in St. Louis, MO, became a weekly routine. Interestingly enough, my disobeying my dad a month prior, when my best friend at the time, took me to get my driver’s license against his will, actually paid off in the end.

My dad was a full time CAD operator for an engineering firm, and it would take money to keep the household going as well as pay for medicine and treatments. With the ink still wet from my newly obtained license and only a year of practice as a permit driver, I reassured my mom and dad that I would be able to get her back and forth to treatments. 

I never told any of my friends in high school what my family was going through. I was always active and involved in multiple clubs and sports. I somehow managed to continue playing volleyball, participate in drama club, international honor society and more, all while balancing a schedule that inclusive of me transporting my mom back and forth to treatments. My mental strength continued to develop. I attribute that portion of my life to a large part of why I am mentally strong today and how I know I am a survivor of anything.

Fast forward to another diagnosis in 2015 and this time, a mastectomy was the only recourse. Again, never letting anyone know what my mom was undergoing, I stayed strong and continued to press forward. My mom has her ways, but she continues to amaze me in the way she deals with these diagnoses. After this second round, I have witnessed her try and make gradual lifestyle changes. She is not a person who takes well to advice, but she gradually came around.

I am the proud owner and founder of Honey B’s All Natural Hair and Skin Care. I began making our 100% All Natural Shea Butter Silk after going natural about 6 years ago. I didn’t know at the time that I was creating something that would prove to be useful for so many things outside of hair. In 2018, Honey B’s All Natural Hair and Skin Care became an official business that was fully licensed by the state of Missouri.

We make one product with one variation. Our 100% All Natural Shea Butter Silk for Hair, Skin and Scalp took the world by storm and reached thousands of clients within the first few months of official branding. In addition to the original line, after 6 months of research and study, we now offer Honey B’s All Natural CBD Shea Butter Silk. A product that I created would soon serve the cancer community as well and hit close to home.

When undergoing cancer treatment, the mental and physical toll is felt immediately. It isn’t contained to the patient, but spreads to everyone invested in the recovery of the patient. One begins to question the cause and root of why they developed the illness and becomes a lot more cautious about what they put on and hopefully in their body. Our product is made from raw shea butter from Ghana West Africa. We don't use chemicals or anything that doesn't serve a purpose. We combine other natural and essential oils into a proprietary mix that glides on like silk. While we don’t market our product as food, you would be perfectly fine if you were to accidentally consume a bit. It’s just that natural!

October is breast cancer awareness month, and Honey B’s salutes all of the men and women who are survivors, undergoing treatment or are supporting others who are. We would like to continue to spread awareness on the importance of early detection, but also living a natural lifestyle, complete with a healthy diet and exercise.  We take this time to remind all to be mindful of what they put on their skin, which is the largest human organ!

We realize there is no guarantee that an active, healthy and natural lifestyle will prevent unforeseeable events such as the diagnosis of breast cancer, but there are significant studies that link toxins in many products and foods to cancer. We are just doing our part to offer healthy and natural alternatives for hair and skin care.

Honey B’s All Natural salutes my mother, Dorothy E. Boone, and all of the others who are survivors and kicked cancer's butt! I am a survivor in the sense that I was with my mom the entire time and helped her to make it through. She is definitely a two time survivor of actual cancer. Those of you who are going through, have gone through or are supporting loved ones contending with breast cancer are survivors too!

Visit to order our 100% All Natural Shea Butter Silk for a friend or family member who has survived or to change up your lifestyle as a preventative measure. Great for the entire family! We are changing lives one jar at a time and our mission is bigger than shea butter!

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