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100% All Natural Honey B's Emulsifying Shea Butter Body Polish: Spa Grade Exfoliant for Younger Looking Skin and Anti Aging

2 Step Exfoliation Kit

Two Step Exfoliation Kit (Spa Grade Body Polish and Northern Ghana Shea Butter SIlk
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Honey B's 100% All Natural Emulsifying Shea Butter Body Polish: Spa Grade Exfoliant, paired with Honey B's 100% All Natural Northern Ghana Shea Butter Silk. Enjoy this unique exfoliant made from high quality shea butter, combined with an exfoliant. Completely emulsifying, meaning no greasy slick left behind and product stays moist from the first scoop until the last.  Use to remove rough, dull skin and follow up with our Northern Ghana Shea Butter Silk to seal in moisture.