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HB's 100% Natural Aromatic Therapy Original Oil Blends Set

HB's 100% Natural Aromatic Therapy Original Oil Blends Set

Honey B's All Natural Hair and Skin Care
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Pure, potent and natural describes this set. HB's original, aromatic therapy oilblend creations: invogorate, relieve, calm and arouse. 

Rise and Grind is a unique blend of citrus oils that are sure to awaken the senses for a productive day. 

Breathe Ease is a proprietary blend of mint oils that naturally clears stuffy nostrils and chest congestion when you place a dab on both places. Use daily during cold and flu season to stay ahead.

Peaceful Slumber is inevitable when you indulge in our lavender floral blend that is proven to calm and help you unwind from your long day.

AFRO D'siac is an HB original and best seller. Looking to naturally arouse your partner and start the evening with pure seduction? This unique blend of oils from Africa tease and tantalize with natural ingredients proven to stimulate and heighten serial attraction.

HB's Burlap storage bag is included.

Please note: We are NOT responsible for allergic reactions. Always do a patch test and avoid if you are allergic to the ingredients listed. Contains Nut. Avoid if you are allergic.